Friday, October 1, 2010

Choco Taco recipe

I feel as though I must share this, for the good of mankind.


Cold seems to be getting a little better. I'm bummed that I probably won't be going out this weekend.

Here's an animal I learned about today. The hyrax. (Gesundheit.)

Closely related to elephants. Who knew? I didn't.

Also read about the spark that Wint-O-Green Lifesavers make when you crunch on them in the dark. Turns out all molecules emit a bit of light when crushed quickly, but wintergreen oil is flourescent, so it's especially potent. Also known as triboluminescence.

Apologies for the boring blog today, it's all this cold medicine again.

Here's some gifs.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guh. Nyquil.

I have a cold, and it truly, truly sucks. So for the evening, I've been taking Nyquil to help me sleep. It is the Wal-Mart equivalent, but it seems to work just like the real stuff.

My favorite things about Nyquil:
  • Helps me sleep. Ahh, sweet, sweet sleep.
  • Keeps me from coughing all goddamn night.
  • Has Acetaminophen, which keeps me from having fever dreams all night long.
However, there are two drawbacks.
  • Bad taste. Reminds me of 99 Black Cherries, which tastes terrrrible.
  • Weird warm feeling in stomach after I drink it. I could probably get rid of this by taking it in pill form, but it hits faster in liquid.
And that's where I am now. Hopefully this cold goes away soon. It feels like I'm starting to get an ear infection, so I'll be going to the doctor tomorrow. I wish I could speed up time for myself, and just get to the point where I'm no longer sick. That'd be fantastic. Where are the time machines we were promised, dammit?!